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WATCHMAN Relief Organization and Rudo neTariro (RNT) Childcare and Caregivers Wellbeing on Monday held a Christmas Party for more than 50 who are less privileged in Kudadzana Extension phase 3.

The Director of Wachman Relief Organisation, Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari showered the children with Christmas gifts and lunch.

He said the purpose of the party was to allow parents ,caregivers and community members to interact with the less privileged children and share the season's love with them.

"There is nobody at home who is ready to share love with them.

"As citizens of the communities we have a duty to share this season's love with them so that they would feel loved.

"Showing care and affection makes them come to the realization that they are part of the society.

" Some of the children go to the streets as a result brocken homes, neglect, poverty, verbal,  physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

"Without help from any recognized organization, these children are trapped in a cycle of neglect and lack of basic necessities such as food,  education, health care and a safe place to stay thus exposing them to dangerous life styles. " He said.

He added that the two organizations decided to support the disabled children in homes and orphanages as many of them lacked social activities, parental care and are deprived of opportunities that other children are getting.

"Many of the children present here lack social and recreational opportunities.

"They don't have parents to take them out during the weekends or give them individual Christmas presents due to what the society thinks about the disabled.

"This in turn affects their sense of dignity and self- confidence, this is why we initiated the idea to close the gap and we are noticing tremendous growth every year as some corporate organizations are showing interest to our endeavours.

" Occupational therapists, caregivers and our voluntary staff need appreciations to motivate them.

"We therefore appeal to individuals and organizations to partner with us and make this noble cause a reality " he said.

Melody Matandaware, a Midlands State University graduate in Socio-Psycho Therapy,  who is the founder and Director at RNT appreciated Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari's deeds and the team of volunteers from RNT for their efforts in making the initiative a success.

She urged parents and Caregivers to their children with disabilities seriously so that they can become successful individuals and be able to replicate the same gesture in future regardless of their disabilities.

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