A local clergyman has called on other church leaders to take an initiative in helping orphanages.

This was said by Doctor Nathaniel KudakwaMwari, a Pastor and founder of Kingdom Life Ministries International on his visit with Watchman Relief Organisation Crew at Rose of Sharon Welfare Organization in Zimre on Sunday.

He taught and shared the word of God with a group of 30 children and three parents where he expressed his concerns for children as driven from what the Bible says in Mathew 19:14 .

"I'm encouraged with how Jesus demonstrated on what leaders should do to their followers, but it's saddening to see what is happening these days.

"Jesus fed 5 000 hungry men but these days many pastors are being fed by the hungry 5 000 men, and only  a few are doing it the right way it was demonstrated.

"I do hereby urge all leaders to take people's interests to heart and help orphanages Directors keep the less privileged, orphans and the disabled.He added.

"I have seen a number of orphanages but Rose of Sharon has social work centre of excellence for reunification and adoption practices.

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