OVER 200 children and parents last week gathered at Pagomo church in Kuwadzana Extension where they received gifts after a two-hour walk around the streets advocating for zero tolerance to child abuse.

In a campaign hosted by Rudo neTariro Trust under Watchman Relief Organisation in conjunction with Childline Zimbabwe and partners, the community received education on the types of abuses and steps to take to raise awareness when a child is abused. 

Rudo neTariro is a Kuwadzana based children's home jntented for children living with disabilities and was founded by an MSU graduate in Psychology.

Watchman is an organization founded by a group of Doctors and University students mandated at offering children with various services to ensure their well being. 

Among other services inckude Social-Psycho therapy, rehabilitation and counselling.

Speaking during the campaign, founder and Director of Watchman Relief Organization Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari said that he was overwhelmed by the community's response to their call.

"Am quite happy with how people have reacted because i have assurance that a number of people have been enlightened.

"That's how the message moves, you tell one and the other tells the other.

"We are used to campaigns being held in the CBD but my colleagues and i saw it worthy to come into the location where children are active unlike in the CBD where there's  the working class only and high chances that they donot pass the message are there.

"We are here to educate children on the forms of cjild abuses and also helping parents with children with disabilities with the knowledge on how best to take care of them.

"All we are saying is that every child has a right to good health, good life, education, happiness, and clothes," he said.

One of the volunteers at Rudo neTariro who prefered anonymity appreciated Child Line Zimbabwe and Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari for their continued support to their children's home.

"It is the passion for children in Watchman Relief and Childline Zimbabwe team that has kept us going and has encouraged the community at large to give a helping hand.

"I'm sure this kind of effort will not go in vain but rather will lead to a decrease in the cases of child abuse which will go unreported.

"I grew up an orphan and also have a disabled child so i do understand these things but it takes education for others out there to get the sense behind stopping child abuse," said the volunteer.

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