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Join a special group of monthly donors that give children the confidence of knowing that life-saving support is always near.

Your donation could restore someone’s sight, prevent avoidable blindness or support someone who’s irreversibly blind to live independently.

We promote learning and maintenance of natural resource in excellence by working with scientists, educators and inventors to create a safe, fulfilling and enriching environment.

Who We Are

As a non-profit organization, we always try to find ways to help people who are suffering from poverty, epidemics, illiteracy and natural disasters all over the world. We hope to bring aids and spread love to any where we go.
We are more than a group of people who share the inspiration in helping other people. We are wholeheartedly working as friends, family and a vibrant community of volunteers and supporters who think and feel alike.
We bring education to the illiterate children, give the students whose families cannot afford to go to schools and unlucky children scholarships and opportunities to study further so that they can obtain their dreams.


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Who We Are

Watchman Relief Organisation (WRO) is an international non-profit making organisation founded by a group of Doctors and University graduates in 2010. It was formed and incorporated through the registrar of deeds 2012 and Ministry of Social Welfare.

As with so many ventures, the idea is to fundraise funds for various projects which seek to bring socio-economic and environmental transformation as well as economic empowerment in the communities where we work.

WRO works with partner groups in Africa and other continents to fundraise for Community development projects, Solar Energy, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Greenhouse and Bio Gas emission inventory, Humanitarian projects, emergency disaster management and food relief projects, HIV and AIDS prevention projects, Capacity building, Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Baseline Researches, Demography and Environmental projects, water related scientific researches and provide affordable, educational and outdoor recreational activities in a safe, clean and inviting environment for people of all ages through sound business and management practices.

WRO is also into raising awareness to some of the poor living conditions people experience, while offering solutions to help pave way for a better future: Watchman Relief takes a hostilic approach to serve humanity. The organization engages in various projects which seek to bring social and environmental transformation as well as economic empowerment in the communities where we work Depending on availability of funds.

Our Vision

We seek to save our planet by creating and reconciling the needs of human beings and the needs of other species for a healthy future for our families and for generations to come.

Our Mission

We promote learning and maintenance of natural resource in excellence by working with scientists, educators and inventors to create a safe, fulfilling and enriching environment.

Our Values

Team Work

Our Volunteers

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Dr N. KudakwaMwari

Team Leader

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Shiela Chitiva


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Tendai Zhou


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Kudzai Chipumha


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Rutendo Rapanganwa


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John Sakala


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Vusani Ngwenya


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William Phiri


What People Say

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It is very rare to find men like Nathaniel coming out to support underprivileged people. I’m greatly impressed by his generosity. When most of us shun to work in rural areas Nathaniel is one man who has stayed. I highly recommend his project for funding. There is so much that comes out of a project started by someone who lived the situations he is trying to assist. Let’s all support.

I find Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari a very intelligent and respectable man whom I trust in making sound decisions with the most beneficial outcome for everyone involved. He's always very kind in his approach and well written with his words in communications. I can tell he puts a lot of thought into his decisions in every aspect of his life. He is a dear friend to me and has supported my walk with Christ through all my trials.

I have tempted for well over a decade and it is rare to encounter philanthropic workers as efficient, personable and professional as Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari. He is indeed a credit to Watchman Relief Organisation team and I wish him continued professional progression.

This is to confirm that I have known Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari for many years. In all the years I have kwon him, he has been consistent in his admirable character. He is a very humble, hardworking and determined man. He has always had a kind and generous heart towards the less fortunate. I believe he will go far in his endeavors, as he maintains his focus on his God Ordained assignment. Thank you.

Dr Nathaniel KudakwaMwari is an accomplished academician, very tenacious and focused person. He also portrays an unquestionable posture towards people. He is a determined man who is willing to lay his life for his brethren. He is also a giver and has a heart to see the well-being of others. I have known him to be a person of trustworthy, reliable and humble character.

Muzvare Betty Makoni

Executive Director | Girls Empowerment Initiative | United Kingdom

Lyndsay Bolhman

Minnesota | United States of America

Dr Rosemary Mhlanga-Gunda

Doctor of philosophy (PhD) | Australia

Dr Collin Warambwa

Medical General Practitioner | Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare Hospital | Zimbabwe

Dr Francis Shamuyarira

Chief Executive Officer | Renaissance Security Services | United Kingdom

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